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RevoZport M2 RAZE

In 2012, RevoZport introduced the first ever complete aero and performance kit for the BMW 1M at SEMA. The program was a great success and highly regarded as one of the best designed aftermarket upgrade for the BMW 1M. The design shaved 60kg of weight through by replacing some panels with carbon fibre ones and changing the exhaust into titanium. The performance was staggering on track. Today, the BMW M2 (F87) is faster, has wider track-width and more power, so naturally it needs a mean looking aerokit to live up to its performance. This time RevoZport took most of the elements from its predecessor and added even more. At the front, we have a 3 way adjustable front splitter (Street, Sport and Track setup) with cooling vents routing cold air directly to the brake discs. The canards around the front bumper vents area ram more air to the oil cooler and keeps the engine cool at all times while the vented hood is proven to extract hot air directly from the radiator. All of which are designed for the purpose of keeping the motor at its optimum temperature during hard driving. On the side, the door sills extends the front part of the rear wheel arch to give that muscular fender-flare look that reminiscence a Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6. Towards the back, you will see the GT spoiler designed with a swan neck mount which from the CFD (Computer fluid dynamics) shows that the support mounted from the top of the spoiler blade actually produce better downforce than from the bottom. Finally, the vented diffuser is designed not only to provide better ground effect but also can help vent the heat from the exhaust muffler. Performance is also upgraded from the original 370hp to a whopping 480hp, thanks to the free-flow lightweight titanium exhaust, ECU and intake system.

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RevoZport Razor 7E

The world’s first-ever e-Touring Car Challenge will be hosted at the circuit of Formula E Hong Hong ePrix as a prelude and highlight of the event on 8th October 2016. RevoZport is proud to be able to participate in this major international motorsport event in Hong Kong. Being the official aerokit supplier for the e-Touring Car Challenge, we developed the first aerokit especially for the Volkswagen e-Gold. Namely the "Razor 7E" consist of the followings a newly designed, Front Splitter, Bumper Canard, Side Skirt, Rear Diffuser, and GT Roof Spoiler all made in carbon composite fibre. To give these race cars the extra downforce needed for this one make race. In order to fullfil performance and safety parameters for the race event, 16 brand new Volkswagen e-Golf will undergo a range of modifications by FRD (Formula Racing Technology Ltd.). Including roll cage, suspension, brake, racing seat, 6-point harness, wheels, rims and fire extinguisher upgrades that meet racing safety standards for the race. The e-Touring Car Challenge will have two practice sessions ahead of a 15-minute qualifying and 20-minute race event. Both practice sessions and race event will be held on the track of Formula E. Five celebrity drivers who have previous racing experience will be invited to compete with ten veteran drivers, which will surely add to the overall fun and excitement of this much anticipated race.

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RevoZport R-Zentric Safety Car (For e-Touring Car Challenge Hong Kong)

Sneak preview of the coming big event. For the first time, Hong Kong will stage the FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix – an all-electric motor racing series on this October 8 & 9 (Sat & Sun) at Central Harbourfront. RevoZport is honoured to be appointed as the “Official Safety Car” for the world’s first-ever e-Touring Car Challenge at the circuit of Hong Kong ePrix as a prelude and highlight of the event on Saturday 8 October. The safety car is the RevoZport R-Zentric P90D Tesla Model S. Featuring the full aerokit made in carbon composite material is designed to achieve higher downforce and weight savings that enable a performance coherent to the power of the car. The widened fender increase the overall track width by about 40mm thus providing more grip at corner. It is also equipped with LED lights to control race traffic and fire-extinguisher.

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The RZE-640 Aerodynamic Package

Although it's been 2 years after the launch of the facelift W212 AMG E63S. The staggering performance of this twin-turbo V8 engine with a 557hp 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8 engine, is still one of the best engine AMG has ever produced. RevoZport push it further and came up with a Performance Package for the AMG E63S, with a remapped ECU, bespoke carbon air intake system and titanium exhaust system. increase the E63S from 557hp to 635hp (E63 from 525hp to 603hp). RZE-640 Aerodynamic kit including a new design carbon fiber front splitter, side skirt, truck spoiler and rear diffuser for the E63 facelift. 2 pcs of front splitter attacth to the two side of the bumper, side skirt with the rear bumper skirt give the E63 more aggressive look and extra down force. It exaggerates the door sills lines with the extra width. The carbon rear diffuser with 3 fins replace the original plastic cover between the 4 exhaust tips.

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RevoZport Accessories for Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

The G-Wagon carbon seat back cover is designed to replace your Original handlaid fibreglass seat back. It is made with 100% carbon fibre by vacuum infusion with a thickness of just approx. 1.5mm. It comes with Gloss or Matt Carbon Fibre.

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RevoZport R-Zentric Aerokit for Model S Facelift

The Tesla Model S Facelift gets rid of the large, fake plastic grille, replacing with re-profiled front bumper with a slightly enlarged lower vent, bringing the Model S design in line with Tesla’s newer Model X & Model 3. The Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode will be the quickest accelerating production car in the world with a 0-100 KMH time of 2.5 seconds. There's no word on horsepower quite yet. RevoZport's R-Zentric Aerokit is designed to provide higher downforce and grip for the Tesla Model S. The wide track width version would increase the overall track width by about 40mm both front and rear over the standard Model S. Accompanied by the lightweight carbon fibre front splitter, side skirts, trunk spoiler and diffuser.

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Stay Tuned with RevoZport's coming R-Zentric Tesla Model X

We'll be offering a complete range of exterior and interior updgrades!

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RevoZport Aerokit For Civic Type R

The New Honda Civic Type R (FK2) is known as the fastest FWD hot hatch to lap the Nurburgring (aka The Green Hell). Needless to say the new turbocharged engine is by far the most powerful Civic to date. Not only does its performance breath taking, the appearance is equally eye catching. The fender flares with vents, the deep from bumper and the big GT wing all gives this Civic a menacing look. At RevoZport, we respect the original factory design of the car and is determined to create something that compliment with its original state. Meanwhile, with the FK2, we designed a carbon fibre extended front splitter along with a bumper side blade to create a more streamline effect with more downforce. At the rear, the original GT spoiler may not be everyone's cup of tea. As such, we come up with a ducktail trunk splitter to replace it with a more subtle look.

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RevoZport GTZ-650


Mercedes AMG develop the GT as a true sports car with first class racetrack performance and yet suitable for everyday practicality. With its front mid-mounted engine layout and lightweight aluminium chassis, its certainly a joy for track and sporty driving. The RevoZport GTZ-650 is the enhanced version of the AMG GTS providing higher downforce and performance for the owners whom think the standard GTS is not enough for their taste. At the engineering department of RevoZport London, a special performance pack has been developed to bring the 503hp GTS to a whopping 650hp. This is achieved by a bespoke ECU mapping together with free-flow intake system and a set of titanium exhaust system. The titanium exhaust system weight less than 10kg, that’s a lot of weight savings compare to the original stainless steel. With such performance, extra downforce and grip is achieved by a newly designed add on aerokit for the GT & GTS owners. Designed with CAD and simulated by CFD, the RevoZport GTZ-650 AeroKit is inspired by the SLS Black series with more aggressive front splitters and canards at the front while at the rear the customer can choose to have a duckbill trunk lip spoiler or fixed GT wing for extra down-force. Carbon kevlar (normally used on bulletproof vest) is use for front add-on splitter to endure any scratches and all other components are produced in carbon fibre.

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700hp RevoZport Razmig Will Get Active Aerodynamics Components

Succeeding the Gallardo, the Huracan is now under the spotlight among all tuners throughout the world. To differentiate ourselves among all ordinary aero packages being offered in the market, RevoZport decided to be the market leader when designing the Lamborghini Huracan.

Introducing the RevoZport Razmig, which is equipped with the first-in-the-industry carbon fiber rear diffuser with active aerodynamics components. With just a push of a button, the flaps on the rear diffuser will be lowered, which delivers instant extra downforce. For rigidity standpoint, RevoZport had done something revolutionary. Carbon fiber cross frame is introduced inside both doors of the car, which you can image; the design significantly enhances the overall structure.

Other race-inspired components include carbon hood, carbon doors, carbon fenders, front splitter with dive planes, side scoop extensions as well as a carbon GT spoiler, which all contribute to shedding an impressive 100kg.

RevoZport adds an almighty 90hp to the V10 naturally aspirated engine now pushing out 700 horse power or bull power. The Razmig features an upgraded intake system which provides a more smooth and cooler air flow, a tuned ECU and a Formula One-grade Inconel exhaust which only weighs 7 kg but is 6 times more efficient than a titanium exhaust when it comes to getting rid of gases.

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RevoZport Aerokit for BMW M3 & M4

The BMW M3 has always been BMW Enthusiasts favorite model, owners consider it the best M models of all and with its performance and handling characteristics, no doubt it is the best in class amongst other manufacturers.

Tuners around the world have come up with various upgrades to performance and styling hoping to achieve even better performance. The engineers at Munich are well aware of this and understand that many BMW M owners prefer something a little bit more aggressive than the showroom model. Comes the BMW Performance Package. Is it the answer to tap into the tuner market with extra aerokit, intake, exhaust etc. All of which is to bring out the extra performance.

At RevoZport, we welcome BMW Performance’s products and as a matter of fact, we think BMW Performance parts are probably the best there is on the market and that is why RevoZport’s M aerokit are designed especially for the BMW Performance products.

From the front, the RevoZport add-on lip is an extension to the Performance front lip and added to the side fender spoiler, it gives the M3/M4 even more aggressive look and down force. For brakes, RevoZport’s add-on cooling duct comes with high temperature hose, air ducts and brake mounting brakets are designed especially for the purpose of cooling the front brakes.

To complement the Performance side skirts, RevoZport added the extra front and rear fender spoilers to the wheel arches and enhanced the visual effect of the fender flares. At the rear end, an adjustable GT wing and 2 element rear diffuser with bumper skirts.

No exhaust or performance tuning are available as we believe BMW have already provided the best to their owners.

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Beginning of 2013, RevoZport have started the project code RZA-290 for the W176 A Class and focused to design a set of complete aerokit that will echo the near perfectly shaped of the AMG A Class to an even more devilish, mean and aggressive machine. It has proven to be a huge success throughout the world and have been praised as the best looking aftermarket aerokit for the A Class.

Just short of 6 months, Mercedes announced the CLA class which completely dominated the market with back order of over 18 months in some countries. RevoZport have thus continue the RZA-290 design and apply the same pedigree for its siblings. The RZA-290 for CLA Class aerokit features a front add-on splitter, a pair of canard to generate more down force, side skirts that helps side wind down force and a lightweight carbon bonnet. The back, where the beauty of the CLA lies, is a revised carbon 4 element diffuser with a 3D underspoiler.

RevoZport have always been innovative and offer 3 different kind of trunk spoiler.

  1. RZA Ducklip Trunk Spoiler
  2. RZA GT Spoiler
  3. RZA Carbon Trunk with Integrated Hydraulic Spoiler
For the first time ever in the aftermarket tuning industry a company to offer a complete trunk with actuated trunk spoiler. This is definitely one of a kind and a nice feature to have. "We didn't want to spoil the design of the CLA sleek look, so we offer 3 options for customer to choose and the one I personally love most is a simple but a bit more aggressive ducklip spoiler which will adjust its angle according to the speed" said RevoZport's MD Charles W.

Performance upgrades (Available for CLA 180,200,250,260 & AMG CLA45) are as followed;
  • ECU Upgrade
  • Aluminum Pedal Shift
  • Ttianium Exhaust

All products are now available to order immediately through our dealer.

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La Maison Noire Dog House

RevoZport is proud to present the latest and first ever carbon fiber made pet house - La Maison Noire. It is a pet house designed for medium to small size pet living indoor or outdoor. The design allows natural lighting and fresh air circulation into the house giving your pet the best climate condition. To be different from the typical pet house, use of new materials allows the formation of more organic shape and a breakthrough in pet house design. In 2014, La Maison Noire had won the A' Design Awards and Competition for its outstanding design project and development. The A' Design Awards and Competition is an annual scheme that honours exemplary design projects, judged by a panel of industry experts.A' Design Award & Competition is the world's leading international annual juried competition for design. The A' Design Accolades are organised in a wide range of creative fields to highlight the very best designers from all countries in all disciplines.

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Golf VII Razor 7

The RAZOR 7 is based on the Golf VII GTi, performance has been revised with new ECU mapping, titanium exhaust, 2 stage induction system makes the 2.0 litre 230 horsepower engine now produce more than 290hp. The exterior is dressed up by a double decked front splitter, a full carbon hood that shows 2 vents to help exhaust the heat from the extra horsepower, a pair of carbon side skirts, a GT-Wing and a 2 element diffuser all with a touch of red carbon accent. The titanium exhaust stretches from the down-pipe all the way to the dual purple-ish titanium tips only weight 10kg, that’s more than 50% weight savings from the original stainless steel system.

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The RevoZport 1M RAZE GT

This wide body styling aerokit gives extra 30mm width, perfect for those aggressive offset lovers, a big GT wing, a different rear diffuser and a duckbill trunk.

This will be a production bodykit for all E82 variants including convertible, the completed car will be raced at the D1 GP in Japan in 2014.

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Lamborghini LP560 RST Trofeo

Complete kit

Applicable to all 2nd Generation Gallardo, this complete aerokit gives your Lamborghini a complete new skin. All components are made of complete carbon fibre and the extra downforce sets your 560hp + beast firm on the ground.

Complete kit includes the following parts:

- Front upper bumper
- Front lower bumper
- Front bumper aluminum grill
- Side Skirts
- Rear bumper set
- Engine panel
- Engine Decklid panel
- Rear Spoiler with aluminum mount

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Revozport RZA 290

RevoZport is determined to continue making important footprints in the Mercedes tuner market, especially to the AMG segment. We have all seen and well anticipated the new W176 A Class & the breath taking AMG A45 mercedes rolled out in late 2011.

Since then, RevoZport have started the project code RZA-290 (especially for the A200 & A250 owners) and focused to design a set of complete aerokit that will echo the near perfectly shaped AMG A Class to an even more devilish, mean and aggressive machine. To do this, we went through a very long design process (near 6 months) and finally come up with the RZA-290 aerokit. It features a front add-on splitter, an aggressive canard that helps rush more air to the radiator and oil cooler, side skirts that helps side wind downforce, a lightweight carbon bonnet with vents to cool the engine bay. The back is definitely the most exciting part of the business where we designed a diffuser that uses a square shape quad exhaust tip together with and addition of a 3D underspoiler all for the function to dissipate heat and create extra downforce. The GT wing finishes off the overal aggressive look and confirms the RZA-290 as a true hot hatch from the appearance.

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“F12 Berlinetta”

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is sporty, elegant and classy out from the factory, instead of coming up with an outrageous design, Revozport decides to keep things simple and elegant but yet bring out the design hues from the original lines.

The RZF-12 aerokit consist of an array of add-on products all made in dry vacuum infused carbon fibre composite material. When ordering, customer can choose between the standard shiny Gloss finishing or the Matt finishing at no extra cost.

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Mercedes W166 ML63 Rezonance with 600 hp.

he new W166 ML63 may consider being the fastest and best looking ML ever since the ML is launched, the new turbo v8 with 525hp engine is however not enough in RevoZport’s mind, perhaps 600hp is more like it.

By putting in a new carbon induction system, engine management mapping and a complete titanium exhaust, it takes this mean SUV to a complete new level of fast. Now with 600hp on hand and the roaring sound from the 6kg titanium exhaust, RevoZport have designed a complete new set of aerokit for all the ML63 owners.

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Carbon Fiber Rocking Horse Description:

The finest smaller rocking horses for younger children. Designed by insignia.
Instead of traditional Rocking Horses, we made our horses with carbon material.
Lightweight design for easy storage and portability.
It is a perfect vehicle for a child’s developing imagination.

Your child will make many happy memories riding a special horse like this one!

Available in 3 Colors - Black , Red and Blue

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RevoZport’s in house design team is under the helm of our chief design director whom is a well experienced Automotive and Industrial Designer.

The team is responsible for all the design, sampling, prototyping, clay modelling and CAD drawing for both in-house product and ODM customers.

We are proud of our designs and feel privileged to work alongside our Clients to create their desired product. To successfully do this, we establish a design brief and create concept sketch designs thru to 3D modelling and prototyping to view and walk through.

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Quality Assured

On June, 2012.

RevoZport is proud to announce the success in achieving Asia's first automotive & lifestyle composite product with design and provision to become fully ISO 9001:2008 certified by both SGS & TÜV SÜD at the same time.

This news confirms that RevoZport has been officially audited by the two most stringent certification body and proves that RevoZport have met all the quality and management critea of this bestowed internationally recognised standard.

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To ensure that you purchased a genuine Authentic Revozport product, make sure the product comes with a Revozport Authentic Hologram label with a unique ID which is registered to our production system. Some of our products and embedded with the latest RFID code which can be scanned and confirmed by your local RevoZport dealer. It is embossed with a unique serial number that is identified and matched up to our factory database to ensure your product is genuine and is valid with RevoZport's manufacturing warranty.

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Quality Control

At RevoZport, every part, big or small, simple or complex, is specially designed for you. A team of more than 200 dedicated RevoZport employees, including customer support representatives, internal job manager, prototyping, R&D team, material management office, tooling engineers, manufacturing managers, Q/C specialist, finishing technician, packaging engineer, export specialist, and logistic agent, will take care of your product with the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and performance.

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