La Maison Noire

RevoZport is proud to announce the “La Maison Noire” carbon fiber pet house has won the world renowned designer award A’ Design Award and Competition 2013-2014 Platinum Winner in Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design. A' Product Design Awards is regarded as one of the world's most coveted awards in the field of product design and innovation. A' Design Award trophies are prominently displayed in leading design studios around the world and are merchandised as industry validation of great design. Press members, journalists and editors worldwide are invited to browse award winning product designs atdesignmag.org.
The A' Product Design Award covers the following design competition categories: Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design, Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design, Chemical Products and Consumables Design, Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design, Disposable and Single-Use Product Design. A small selection of the product design awards could be seen at adesignaward.com .


La Maison Noire is made in carbon fiber composite material produced with prepreg carbon fiber material in a matrix system and cured at 120 degrees Celsius over a period of 8 hours for best strength performance. During the ordering process, the main housing color are custom painted to any color the customer wishes, and to add the bespoke touch, you can even choose to add a custom silk screen printed name of the product.

This La Maison Noire is made from Carbon Composite Fibre + Fibre Reinforced Plastic.

The material is chosen for the reduction thermal conductivity during summer and in winter

Size: 69 x 60 cm (Base size) or 92 x 77 cm (With roof), 64cm Height

P/N: I SIG 4 LMN C010

Price: US$3,600


USD $3600*

La Maison Name Printing

USD $70*

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La Maison Noire