Titanium Exhaust

Automotive applications of titanium follow logically from the high strength, low density and low modulus of titanium and its alloys, and their excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The performance benefits of titanium in automotive applications have been established and widely reported over many years, and are not an issue - titanium works!

However, use of the metal has been limited to racing cars and a few top-of-the-range road models because of cost. In the US, the environmental agencies now require guaranteed corrosion resistance on exhaust systems to upwards of 100,000 miles. Titanium easily achieves this requirement and surpasses the stainless steel (409) systems currently in place. A typical expansion box and tail pipe in 409 steel weighed 10kg. A redesign with titanium reduced this to 3.2 kg! This 6-8 kg weight saving beneficially reclassified the vehicle within the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) system.

RevoZport is proud to announce the introduction of the full Cat-Back Titanium system for the various high performance cars application. This full titanium exhaust is made with TP340C Titanium from Japan and weigh only significantly less than the original system and produce a throaty sound while providing a free flow system without compromising back pressure for low end torque.

Available Vehicles

RAZOR R Titanium Exhaust System

Product Name: RAZOR R Titanium Exhaust System RAZOR R Titanium Exhaust System (V2) P/N: V MK6 3 T0R
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1M Raze Titanium Exhaust

Product Name: 1M Raze Titanium Exhaust P/N: B E82 3 RAZ C100 Application: 1M Only Description: The 1
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