CLA RZA Rear Diffuser with fins

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CLA RZA Rear Diffuser with fins


Z 117 2 RZA C110


The RZA-290 rear diffuser has fins that extend out from the rear bumper to smooth and channel air flow from under the car into the low pressure area behind your vehicle as it moves at higher speeds. In concert with other aerodynamic components, our diffuser results in more stability and higher speeds and cooling effect to the rear differential. The option to fit the 3D L/R underspoiler for extra appearance and downforce effect.

For all CLA 2xx series, OEM CLA45 upper diffuser is included free of charge.


CLA W117 (includ. CLA 45 & CLA Shooting Brake)

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RZA Rear 3D Underspoiler (Carbon or Pre-painted to Red)


US $790.00 (Optional 3D Underspoiler US$500)


USD $790.00 *

Optional 3D Underspoiler Carbon

USD $500.00 *

Optional - Pre-painted to Red Accent on request

USD $160.00 *

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